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Thank you for visiting the Y.E.S. House Foundation website. We are honored that you are here. Whether you are a proud supporter of the Y.E.S. House, looking to become a supporter of our Y.E.S. House family, or are a parent searching for help for your child, we hope you find all the information here valuable. The Y.E.S. House Foundation is the fundraising arm of the Y.E.S. House and we support the Y.E.S. House mission of empowering youth and families to achieve lifelong success.

In my role as executive director, I have the privilege of meeting our community leaders, lawmakers, parents, mentors, child advocates, and community supporters. What each share is the common hope for the future and passion for the success of our troubled youth and their families. How each child and family can reach that success can be very different and our mission is to provide assistance – to extend the helping hand our kids and their families need.

We are all aware of the employment and financial situations facing our community at this time. The Y.E.S. Foundation is thinking about each of our families and friends who have been impacted. Our deepening economic strains are rippling through the community. When stress impacts a family, it also increases the need for the services that we offer.

Within our community, our families are dealing with strain from job losses, home foreclosure or dwindling savings all of which place pressure on parental relationships and on the family as a whole. Like all nonprofit service organizations our funding stream will also be impacted just when our services are needed the most by Campbell County’s children, youth and families.

Despite the challenges before us, I am so grateful to people who are still able or willing to help and whose engagement and support make our work possible. I would like visit with you and share my priorities and vision for the Y.E.S. Foundation and the support we provide to the Y.E.S. House as it enters into its 41st year.

I have confidence that you will continue to stay engaged and to stand next to us during this difficult time. I would welcome you to contact me so we can visit and share with one another our passion to advance the many programs of the Y.E.S. House.

Thank you for standing with us, Together We Can make a difference.

Kindest Regards,

Jessica Seders, MBA
Executive Director