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Y.E.S. House Foundation Created

Youth Emergency Services Foundation was created in 2001 to serve as the donor’s hands, reaching out to our kids and their families by providing resources for the Y.E.S. House that would not be available otherwise.


Incorporated with the Secretary of State as a 501c3


City Donated Land


Crisis Shelter and Boys Cottage Completed

The Crisis Shelter was completed in February 2008, followed by the Boys Residential Treatment Center in March of 2008.


Tammy Hladky Center of H.O.P.E. completed

The Tammy Hladky Center of Hope houses the school, administrative offices and counseling center. A $500,000 donation was made by the Hladky family in memory of Tammy Hladky, who died in June 1995 in an airplane propeller mishap at the Gillette-Campbell County Airport. She was 27. The remaining funds were raised through grants and private donations.


Girls Cottage / Campus complete